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Information on collection dates, types of recycling, containers to use and more.
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Narberth Borough Calendar of Events

This calendar is presented to assist our residents with their participation in the Borough's solid waste removal program and to provide our friends and visitors with a list of events that includes the monthly meeting of Borough Council as well as the schedule for some of the special events that continue to make Narberth an extraordinarily fine place to live and to work. The monthly calendar can be reviewed for additional public meetings and events.

The 2016 Calendar of Events is now posted. Click HERE to download and view it.

Narberth Borough Calendar - January 2016
Narberth Borough Calendar - February 2016
Narberth Borough Calendar - March 2016 Narberth Borough Calendar - April 2016 Narberth Borough Calendar - May 2016 Narberth Borough Calendar - June 2016
Organization Meeting - 8:00 p.m.
Borough Council Caucus Meetings - 8:00 p.m., Borough Hall
Borough Council Monthly Meetings - 8:00 p.m., Borough Hall
Combined Council/Caucus Meetings - 7:30 p.m., Borough Hall
R Yellow Recycling Containers Only
T Trash Collection Days
S Special Collection – Call for Pick Up – 610-664-1080 (No collection in May)
L Leaf Collection – Paper Bags ONLY, Available at Boro & Hardware Stores
M Mixed Paper, Newspaper, Corrugated Cardboard
CU Clean Up Week (June 4 – June 8)
B Brush – Call for Pick Up: (610) 664-1080 Paper Bags ONLY or tied in bundles
1 Movie Night 7:00 p.m. – 4th of July Committee
2 Baseball Sign Up –see website
3 Egg Hunt - 4th of July Committee
4 NarbEarth Day – Civic Association (Noon)
5 5 Mile Run- see website
6 Memorial Parade - American Legion
7 Boys Basketball Programs
7A Girls Basketball Programs
8 Dickens Festival
9 Borough Clean Up Week
10 Library Summer Program Registration call 610-664-2878
11 Summer Concert - 4 th of July Committee
12 Circus – tickets 610-664-2840
13 Summer Recreation/Arts & Crafts Programs
14 Daytime Program/Fireworks - 4th of July Committee
15 Fire Prevention Week
16 Great Narberth Leprechaun Hunt- NBA
17 Halloween Parade - 4th of July Committee
18 Veteran’s Day Service
19 Santa at the Fire House- Narberth Fire Co
20 Santa at the Train Station- 4th of July Committee
21 Narberth With Hunt- NBA
22 Sidewalk Sale
23 NarBark- NBA
24 Music Festival and Arts Festival
25 Oktoberfest
26 Mayor's Ball

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